By March 1, 2009

Mobile browsing market share

image In the mobile browsing arena, Net Applications reported that it had taken its first detailed look at market share and pronounced Apple’s iPhone as having a "commanding lead" with 66.61 percent of the market. But, Net Applications noted, "Android and BlackBerry are rapidly gaining market share. This does not mean that iPhone web browsing is shrinking, because the overall market is growing rapidly." Android, which Google released in October 2008, came in fourth with 6.15 percent, following No. 2 Java ME’s 9.06 percent and No. 3 Windows Mobile’s 6.91 percent. Interesting point to note, the leading smartphone OS, Symbian makes up 6.15% of the mobile browsing figure which is really low if you consider the amount of Symbian handsets throughout the world and just proves the point that most users of Symbian maybe don’t use all the features available to them.

via Cnet

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