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Minoru 3D Webcam unboxing

Here’s something a little different for us, the Minoru 3D Webcam. I thought it was worth looking at the 3D webcam to see if we could record some of our unboxing videos in 3D!


In essence the Minoru 3D webcam is two webcams in one package and connected to the PC via one USB cable. The software on the PC then uses this stereoscopic image and applies a red filter to one channel and a blue filter to the other. The ‘channels’ are then combined in to one image and when you look at the image with the appropriate red/blue 3D glasses you see a 3D image.

The Minoru is east to setup, simply requiring driver installation and then a quick configuration process. Once set up you can take still photos or record 3D video to upload to YouTube etc.

We thought it would be fun to play with the Minoru 3D webcam and hope to have some sample 3D video for you. If you have some 3D glasses take a look at the sample images at the bottom of this post.

We have a quick unbox of the Minoru 3D webcam (not recorded in 3D) for you to have a look at and hope to follow this with some 3D footage later.


Minoru 3D Webcam unboxing video


The Minoru 3D Webcam is the worlds’ first 3D Webcam. It connects to your PC just like any standard USB Webcam and once you install the supplied software it opens up the whole new world of 3D to you.
This webcam allows you to have 3D video calls using your favourite webcam software or chat program such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ooVoo and many other webcam compatible software packages that are already available.

Minoru 3D Webcam Specification:

  • 3D Image when viewed with 3D glasses
  • 2D Image when the viewer doesn’t have any 3D glasses
  • Picture in Picture (PiP)
  • Easy one click uploading of 3D videos to YouTube
  • 3D snapshots can be sent by e-mail to your friends with a single click
  • Works with other recording and messaging applications just like any standard webcam
  • Multi-position stand – sits or stands on the user’s desk
  • Perches on top of a flatscreen monitor
  • Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed 3D Webcam
  • Output Modes: 3D, 2D and Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • 3D Mode: Optimised Red/Cyan Anaglyph viewed with Red/Cyan 3D glasses
  • Output size: 800×600 / 640×480(VGA) / 352×288 / 320×240 pixels
  • Frame rate: 30 Frames per second


Minoru 3D Webcam Photo1 Minoru 3D Webcam Photo2

Minoru 3D Wedcam sample image (3D Glasses Required)


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