By July 31, 2010

Milestone XT720 CPU speed confusion

motoxt720 If you’ve seen my unboxing video of the new Motorola Milestone XT720 perhaps you will have noticed that I stated that the CPU speed was 550MHz. You might be thinking that I’ve made a mistake in quoting the spec. In fact I too thought I’d made a mistake with it, I originally thought that the XT720 got it’s name from the 720MHz CPU.

There’s been a lot of confusion over the clock speed in fact. The original spec sheet we had from Motorola stated 550MHz but elsewhere on their website they go on to claim 720MHz and the main spec page says ‘Up to 720 MHz’.

So what does that all mean and what is the correct figure? Well I’ve not been able to get a proper answer from Motorola yet but I have discovered that some retailers are selling the Milestone XT720 have added comments like: “…the 550MHz processor (with free software update to 720MHz expected in August)…”

I can also tell you that our review XT720 definitely is clocked at 550MHz see below –

xt-spec xtgrab


If it really is true that there will be an update to 720MHz soon then I really do think that Motorola need to state this more clearly because as it stands it just seems to be a little deceptive.


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