By November 20, 2008

Microsoft Store confirmed by Steve Ballmer

Pocket Pc Thoughts1210831667.usr8 have reported “Steve Ballmer, at the recently held developers conference at Sydney, Australia, said that Microsoft is working on a App-store like software distribution. Apple’s iPhone and App-store have really stirred the Windows Mobile Market. Though there are many ‘app-store like’ distributions, for example – Handango, they are not something that is offered directly from Microsoft. But at the same time Ballmer also mentioned there are no plans to mimic iPhone’s App-store.”

Has anyone else noticed how talkative Steve Ballmer has been lately? For the longest time now we haven’t heard anything from Microsoft and now it is as though they took the gag out of Steve’s mouth! I know we reported on this a while back, but it is nice to see some of the higher-ups in Microsoft confirming what were before just rumors. No matter what Microsoft decides to do anything will be better than Handango. The last time I used Handango the site was so poorly laid out that I felt as though I was pulling out my own teeth. Though Microsoft will have to be careful shaking things up to much. We all know how much the Windows Mobile developers out there love Handango and might not want to use anything else! (That last sentance was pure sarcasm for anyone that didn’t pick up on it!)

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