By May 5, 2010

Microsoft’s Kin phones get slated by engadget


The guys over at engadget have been playing around with both the KIN One and KIN two and have published there thoughts. I would imagine it’s not the kind of review Microsoft was hoping for. Not only have engadget heavily criticised the new Windows phones but they have also slated the price plans that the KINs will be sold on.

Both Matt and myself have said from day one that in order for these devices to do well they will need to be sold at a really low price. Over in the USA it would seem that Verizon and Microsoft have decided not offer a great price deal on the KINs.

Oh dear, not a great start Microsoft. I do hope that the Windows Phone 7 devices will not be priced out of the market too?

Anyway, you can read the full article from engadget here.


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