By June 20, 2012

Microsoft announce Windows Phone 8 along with a bunch of great features


An event was held today with only people with invites from Microsoft being able to attend. A total of eight brand new features were announced for the platform which are aimed at finally competing with the likes of Android and iOS.

For many the most important feature announced today was multi-core support! This feature will support the same brands of processor that we are used to seeing, but in the newer devices we will be seeing more powerful versions of these processors from Qualcomm and ARM.

The start screen is another feature that has been completely redesigned to give you more choice, but also to allow you to cram more on the screen at once and just like all of the features announced this will come to all ‘new devices’. The only huge downside is the fact that windows phone 8 is incompatible with all current Windows Phone 7 devices! This is going to be disappointing for those who have bought a Windows Phone on a two year contract as you will be stuck on either 7.5 Mango or Tango.

The reason for this incompatibility issue is due to the support for much higher resolution screens, the resolutions that will be supported with Windows Phone 8 are: 1280 x 768, 1280 x 720 and also it will support the current 800 x 480 display resolution used.

Here is a run down on the rest of the features announced at the Microsoft event this evening:

  • NFC Solutions- Microsoft have created a Google Wallet rival named Microsoft Wallet, this is something that will be a huge part of the Windows Phone 8 release due to the amount of things that Microsoft say you can do with the feature. You will be able to store credit card and membership card details in the phone for easy use, and obviously you will be able to pay for things just like Google Wallet. One more thing to note is the fact that Microsoft aren’t ‘making you’ use their application as you will be able to use other apps such as Paypal to set up payment details as well.
  • This next feature is something that was a major miss from Windows Phone 7/7.5 and that is SD card support! Yes you will now be able to expand your smartphones storage with a MicroSD card, ABOUT TIME!
  • Skype integration- This is one of the lesser features but something that i’m sure a lot of users will love once they get hands on. The Skype calls will look just the same as a normal phone call which means that other VoiP applications will be able to use the feature in the same way.
  • One feature that will essentially leave Apple in Microsoft’s wake is the integration of ‘True background multitasking’. The feature speaks for itself but for those who won’t know: Background multitasking allow you to run multiple applications in the background whilst you complete another task.

Sounds pretty neat. We will bring some more details later.

Source: Engadget


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