By August 22, 2006

MicroSD Card Shortage?

Ever since I got my Orange SPV M3100 I have been trying to buy a MicroSD (Transflash) memory card for it.

I would ideally like a 1 or 2gb MicroSD card but everywhere I have tried has been out of stock. A few other people have contacted me to ask me if I know where they can get one from. There are several sellers on eBay offering MicroSD cards but these are all overseas sellers that puts a lot of people off.

I have spoken with a number of resellers about the lack of MicroSD cards and I have been told there are a shortage of MicroSD cards in the whole of Europe.

512mb MicroSD Memory Card

I finally found a supplier that has some 512mb MicroSD cards in stock so I decided to purchase one of those to keep me going until I can get something larger.

The card is a Kingston Technology 512mb MicroSD Memory Card and comes with a standard SD Card adapter.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these please let me know. If I can generate enough interest I will offer these for sale through the blog. The Price for the 512mb will be £15 plus £1 p&p. Please email or comment below if you are interested. It will be a Pay Pal only sale.

I hope to be able to offer 1gb and 2gb MicroSD Memory Cards for sale shortly. Watch this space!

Transflash Memory Card


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