By December 17, 2008

Metal Gear And Other Konami Classics Coming To iPhone

14091 As rumoured, the next Metal Gear game will be appearing on iPhone and iPod Touch. Those aren’t the only games Konami is bringing to Apple mobiles, though.

In a press release, Konami of Europe revealed that arcade game Frogger and Silent Hill: The Escape (a first-person shooter based on the survival horror series) were also slated for an iPhone/iPod Touch release. They also announced DanceDanceRevolution S Lite, in which players tap arrow icons in tune with a song. The release date for these three games is listed as "from December 2008" so one of these games could be the first thing you download for the new iPhone Santa brought you.

Metal Gear Touch is slated for a Spring 2009 release. It’s an original game but "each stage’s location and characters are based on the story of MGS4" Touch will have eight levels but Konami plans to add more later. Clearing stages will unlock special Metal Gear images and wallpapers. It’s not the Xbox 360 MGS4 port some people were hoping for but could still be a solid entry in the mobile game market

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