By August 9, 2010

Meridian Launches M80 Audiophile Compact Sound System


With the rest of us mortals happy with spending £50 on an iPod sound dock, or even £400 on the Zeppelin if feeling flushed, Meridian’s sound system incorporating an iPod dock tips the money scales at a whopping £1500.  However this isn’t Vertu-style all bling and lo-tech, the M80’s sound reproduction is of audiophile standard, so you do at least get a quality device for your money.

The M80 is a 2.1 system with the main body housed in the distinctive semi-circle unit.  It has the sub as a separate unit, as is the iPod dock but the rest of the magic happens in the main unit.  DAB, DVD and CD all feature, but sadly the only digital output is for the audio – you’ll find no HDMI for the video here, S-Video is your best bet, sadly.  The analogue radio can also pick up FM, MW and even LW, just so you don’t miss out on Test Match Special.  There’s also a remote control and you can also turn it into one of the world’s most expensive clock radios with the alarm feature if that is your want.

The M80 comes in Ivory, Chestnut and the Potter-esquely named Obsidian Black, and is available at retailers listed on Meridian’s site.


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