By March 3, 2009

Memphis Police Department embraces Celio Redfly and the future

image For years, police departments have been installing laptop computers in their patrol cars to give officers in the field access to critical information. The police in  Memphis Tennessee have been using smartphones for a while now to supplement their in car laptops, but there was a problem, the officers were having a hard time with data input on the small devices. Enter the Celio Redfly, which is a laptop shaped machine that tethers to a smartphone and allows the police to use the smartphones in conjunction with a larger screen and keyboard. This allows the police to continue taking advantage of the flexibility and portability of a smartphone when out of the patrol car, but the more ergonomic advantages of a laptop while in the car. The Memphis Police Department have deployed 1200 of the Redflys, and I’m sure this will be a big help to the officers on patrol.

While this move makes a lot of sense for the police, I think it is also a sign of the future of computing in the home and office for those of us not on the frontlines of the war on crime. As mobile devices become more and more powerful the capabilities of smartphones will catch up with those of laptop computers. In fact the first Asus netbook, the Surf 4G which was released a little more than a year ago had a 900 MHz processor, and now there are smartphones with 1 GHz processors (Toshiba TG01). I think these powerful devices combined with docking solutions that will allow large monitors and keyboards to interact with our phones is the future of computing, and if you don’t agree with me, at least I know Mark Cuban (Internet Pioneer and owner of the Dallas Mavericks) does.

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