By July 5, 2008

Meet the team working on Windows Mobile 7

image The Windows Mobile Team Blog have posted a picture showing the team that will be developing the structure and interface of Windows Mobile 7. 

These guys (and gals) are responsible for Smart Dial, Call History, Speed Dial, Call Progress, Voicemail, Wireless Manager and a whole bunch of phone UI and APIs. They’re all hard at work on building a great phone + connectivity experience for the next version of Windows Mobile. Picture after the break.

Introducing the team from L-R:

JJ (test), Arturo (test), Darin (dev), Kerry (PM), Robert (dev lead), Howard (dev), Ritu (dev), Kelly (test), Thairu (dev).


So there you have it, folks – your typical Microsoft feature team consisting of dev, test and PM on a hot summer day. They will try and post pictures of other teams bringing you Windows Mobile 7 in the future.

via the Windows Mobile Team Blog

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