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mDesktop for Windows Mobile

image If your of the Windows Mobile persuasion then you should take a look at this new bit of software from MotionApps.

By integrating your Windows Mobile Phone with your PC you can now make calls, send SMS messages and use your  data and applications from your PC’s big screen and keyboard in a fun and user friendly way.


Make calls by dialing from your computer keyboard and screen. Handle incoming calls via screen-pop dialog on your PC.

Have threaded SMS chat using your computer screen and keyboard. Easy and comfortable, your communication will be much improved.

Browse and update your contact list on your phone from your PC. Then call or SMS with a mouse click. No need to sync, new information is already there.

Keep the agenda on your phone current and use your big screen and keyboard to do the work. And if data gets synced with a server mDesktop will not interfere

File Browser
Use your phone as a USB thumb drive and browse the content on the device and its SD card from your desktop computer trough fast and secure connection.

View photos from the phone in an easy and user friendly manner. Run a slide show straight from the phone. Copy photos to and from your computer with a drag-and-drop.

Map the screen of your phone to the PC in real time. Ideal for presentations, demos, grabbing screen shots or testing.

Favorites and Install
Drag and drop important URLs from your desktop to conveniently add them to the Favorites on your phone. Install CAB files too.

Check vital signs of your device. Performance, memory, battery status and more.

You can get a free trial also to try it out first

via MSMobiles

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