By April 12, 2010

Malware – iPhone users please read!


BitDefender identifies fake “iPhone unlocking” malware mechanism

BitDefender has identified a malware-spreading mechanism targeting people wanting to unlock their iPhones.

Users receive an e-mail offering a link that promises a new version of an iPhone unlocking application to overcome vendor set network restrictions. People clicking the link are then directed to a web page which provides instructions to be followed in order to download the unlocking application.

After being urged to connect their iPhone to a computer, users are then instructed to download the “new modified” application and run it on the iPhone. However, once downloaded and run, the executable file causes a Trojan virus to be infected in the computer.

Identified by BitDefender as Trojan.BAT.AACL, this piece of malware comes as a Windows batch file packed alongside the iPhone unlocking application. The Trojan attempts to change the preferred DNS server address for several possible Internet connections on the users’ computers to 188.210.[REMOVED]. This allows the malware creators to intercept the victims’ calls to reach Internet sites and to redirect them to their own malware-laden versions of those sites.

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