By August 7, 2006

M3100 Mini USB Compatible

In an earlier post we reported that the Orange M3100 (HTC Hermes) and the Orange C100 (HTC Oxygen) had proprietary USB connectors

Having had the chance to play with an HTC TyTN, which is a Hermes variant, over the weekend I can confirm that although the USB connector is proprietary and looks rather bizarre, a standard mini USB cable/connector will work with these devices. In fact the usb sync/charge cables provided in the box is a standard mini USB one.

Hermes USB Connector

So why the unusual USB socket on these devices? Well what escaped my attention the first time I played with the SPV M3100 was the lack of headphone socket. As it turns out HTC have integrated the headphone connection onto their new USB socket. The result is that you have no choice but to use the headphones that come with the devices. Needless to say the bundled headphones are terrible!

Hopefully it wont be too long before someone starts manufacturing adapters so that we can use standard headphones with these devices.


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