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Lumsing Smart Body Analyser Digital Scale review

P1030110Scales can be something of a fad.  I would imagine this is one of those pieces of equipment that will see a flurry of sales on in January and then gradually tail off by the end of the month.  However whenever you have a look at the price of some sets of scales you realise that it is an expensive mistake to make if you’re not going to be using it.

Enter the Lumsing Smart Body Analyser Digital Scale. This is a Bluetooth body scale that connects to an app on your iOS or Android device to keep a diary of your weigh-ins. In addition to measuring your body weight, it can also tell through a special layer of blue, tempered glass your body water, body fat, BMI, BMR, muscle mass, bone mass, and visceral fat. Once measured the application plots this in a graph and outputs a simple chart to show you how well you are doing. 

As a non-fitness expert most of these measurements are Greek to me. However, my wife is finding it increasingly interesting as she is a marathon runner who finds great benefit in knowing the ups and downs of this intricate data. Me? Last week I weighed a little more than the week before and this week I wear a little less than I did last week. And that’s handy to know, it’s handy to keep track of and I’m glad I didn’t spend the ridiculous money that some other companies are asking for in order to be able to make such a statement.

So what justifies the high price tag of other brands? First up, the brand name. You may not have heard of Lumsing,  they appear to be much like many other Asian manufacturers,  pushing their wares through Amazon at rather attractive prices. There’s nothing wrong with that. What you get is a rather well put together unit that I am reliably informed is very accurate, very informative and very nice to look at.


The tempered glass on top is a bit of the dust magnet, shows up spills, drips and other marks quite noticeably. Yet it is certainly eye-catching for those visiting the bathroom and impresses those who are curious enough to ask about it.

If I was the point out one drawback it would have to be the app. It really isn’t as polished or as well put together as some of the other alternatives on the market. In fact searching for it on the app store ends up being a little confusing if you’ve done some research into the device, as an example, check my unboxing video.

Once set up using the device couldn’t be easier to use. Simply bringing the application on your phone and then stepping onto the scale activates the wireless connection to transfer the measurements across. You receive a notification from the application to ask you if you were sure you want this information to be added to the application. Once agreed it’s added to the chart and is almost instantly viewable.


The scales used four AA batteries which are provided in the box, I have yet to find out exactly how long these last however given the length of time that this is on for on a daily basis I would like to think they would last quite a long while. The connection is by Low power Bluetooth and there is only one small LED panel that really only stays lit for, at most, 30 seconds.

Recently my wife noticed a problem with the application as moving to a new phone can cause you to have to start your tracking all over again. You can output the data to a TXT file, however, there is no function to import. Additionally, there is no way to integrate this information with Google fit, Samsung Health or one of the Garmin suites.

Ultimately, the Lumsing Smart Body Analyser Digital Scale might lack the refinement found in the much more expensive scales on the market, however, this is a perfect jumping off point for anyone interested in fitness or just tracking the physical well-being. It’s not a lot of money to lay out, the build quality is solid, it looks lovely and does what it says. A fine product.

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