By January 27, 2009

LG’s modular Versa is coming for Verizon

image LG’s Versa is a simple slab touchscreen device with a neat twist. It has all the bells and whistle’s that would expect in a high end touchscreen phone. Including a  3 inch WQVGA screen, EVDO, and Bluetooth. The difference with this phone, is its modular accessories. In what may be a first for any carrier subsidized phone in the USA, there is an available detached QWERTY thumbboard, with other modular additions possible, including a game pad. The add-on potentials don’t stop there. I could imagine a speaker add-on too.

This isn’t the first time something like this has been proposed. Including an iPhone case, and the theoretically already available zzzPhone (this phone even includes a projector module). These new concepts are exciting for their future potential, call me old fashioned, but I still prefer my keyboard attached to the phone.

The Versa may be available as soon as February.

Source: MobileBurn

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