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LG Watchphone (LG-GD910) – Exclusive to Orange

Orange have announced that the LG Watchphone (LG-GD910) will go on sale next week. The first devices will be available from 09:00am on Thursday 27th August at the Orange shop, Bond Street Station, Central London.

BUT!! It will only be on sale for a limited time (which has not been specified) and will work on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. The LG Watchphone will be priced at £500 for those lucky enough to afford it and of course get their hands on it!

LG watchphone
LG Watchphone (LG-GD910) – Exclusive to Orange

Available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and one device per customer to those who arrive in person at the store – the handmade 3G+ watchphone will guarantee those fortunate enough to purchase one that they’ll turn heads on the high street. The device’s slick scratch resistant touch-screen interface makes writing text messages easy, while an in-built speaker and MP3/AAC player lets you listen to the Essential James Bond theme album when you’re imprisoned in a fake volcano or battling with Jaws.

To make a voice or video call – in true 22nd Century fashion – all you have to do is ask it nicely. The combination of voice activated command, VGA camera and Bluetooth technology mean you’ll never have to raise a finger to make a call again… just turn your wrist and talk away. The handmade timepiece is designed with the image conscious in mind too and features eight different watch faces – one to suit your every mood or crime-fighting outfit.

Francois Mahieu, Director of Devices, Orange UK said: “The LG Touchscreen Watchphone is one of several ‘future phones’ we’re bringing to UK consumers this year. Being handmade, the device really is highly original and exclusively limited – so you’ll be the envy of all your friends if you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on one.”

A limited number of the devices will also be made available from mid-September via the Orange online shop. For those wishing to register their interest, please visit

(from the Orange Newsroom)


LG watchphone2
LG Watchphone (LG-GD910) – Exclusive to Orange


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