By August 21, 2010

LG OLED TVs to grow to 31″!

lg-oled While 31″ is positively monitor-like in the ever growing world of LCD and Plasma display technology, 31″ in OLED terms is a minor miracle.  The forever next-big-thing display technology has, until now, been strictly portable TV sizes – Sony’s 11″ XEL-1 being the most prominent and expensive example, although Samsung has previously displayed a 31″ device a couple of years ago at a trade show.  As of yet though, no commercially available model has left the Korean’s factory.  AMOLED has of course risen in prominence with its inclusion on HTC’s Legend and Desire handsets as well as the Super AMOLED variant appearing on Samsung’s higher devices, and has noticeably better contrast do to it’s local illumination switching per pixel.  For some time OLED screens have been hampered by issues with certain parts of their RGB spectrum expiring before the others but manufacturers believe this is becoming a thing of the past so while LG does not yet have a release date or price, it does show that the technology is viable for larger panels and could be on its way to a front room near you soon.


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