By August 4, 2014

LG G3 Video Comparison

20140727_132358The LG G3 is one of the year’s sensations pleased most and meeting little in the way of critical feedback. In this series of posts we will be comparing the video quality between devices one their various setting. We have recently looked at the  Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s time for the LG G3 to have a go.

Test video quality isn’t an easy thing, there are many factors to deal with, just as still shots. I find the best test is a dashboard mount as over a few minutes the camera will have to pull focus multiple times, deal with an extreme variety of light conditions and constant movement, not to mention shakes. In addition the microphone’s performance will also be put to the test with the constant background noise, whilst balancing vocal input.

The following are the LG G3’s attempt to deal with a quick journey through my home town in my 3.0 litre pick-up truck on the four different settings available.

LG G3 Ultra HD setting:


LG G3 Full HD setting:


LG G3 HD setting:


LG G3 120 HD Slow Motion setting:


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