By August 26, 2013

LG confirms G Pad, Phablet, Smartwatch and flexible display

LG-logo-1024x639LG communications executive Dimitar Vulev, recently confirmed in an interview that LG is working on several new Android devices, some of which will be out by the end of the year. He confirmed the existence of the LG G Pad Android tablet, and indicated the company is working on an LG phablet alongside a smartwatch. He also confirmed that LG’s flexible display technology might be used on the smartwatch, although the smartwatch won’t come out until 2014.

Recent filings at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) revealed that LG’s recent device filings included the G Watch, G Pad, G Band, G Hub, a G Glass, and G Link.

Samsung and LG reportedly have finally overcome the technical hurdles with their flexible OLED display technology. According to a report, both companies will be mass producing flexible displays and they will be showing up in devices as early as November of this year. The first generation of flexible displays will only be able to bend in a single plane rather than multiples, but this is still a big start. The primary advantages of the flexible tech is that displays will be lighter, thinner, unbreakable, and will consume less power.

Those seem like fantastic reasons to bring the technology to market. Right now, Samsung has the capacity to make 1.5 Million 5-6-inch flexible displays per month, although the yields will be less than that since that is only their 100% capacity. The amount that LG will be able to produce was not disclosed although it will be less than that initially hoped.

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