By August 31, 2008

Kinoma Play reviewed

image We were talking on the msmobiles podcast yesterday about Kinoma Play software for Windows Mobile devices and it got me thinking as to why the iPhone is my device of choice at the moment. The main reason for me is the excellent interface to your media compared with Windows Mobiles clunky UI. Well having just watched the WMExperts video of Kinoma Play and read their review it has got me thinking again. Check out the video after the break of this great looking software and if your using it let us know what you think in the comments or in the forums.


Without Kinoma Play, your smartphone is just a phone. With Kinoma Play, it’s a mobile media powerhouse. Nothing else makes it so easy to find and play video, audio and pictures.


Share the YouTube clip that made you laugh out loud. Catch breaking news updates from Reuters. Watch live and recorded TV via your home PC, or bring them with you. View hundreds of webcams and traffic cameras built into Kinoma Guide, or tune into your own kid-cam or pet-cam wherever you are. Learn More


Bring your music with you, whether it’s on your phone or streaming from your home PC. Play thousands of podcasts instantly — no syncing required. Listen to thousands of live digital radio stations for free. Use Kinoma Play with Live365 and Audible for the best premium audio experience available on mobile. Learn More


Browse, search, and play photos and photostreams from Flickr, SmugMug, MobileMe, and other popular sites. Create and play slideshows, with musical accompaniment from your favorite music. Kinoma Play even lets you take your pictures for a spin, with support for interactive, 360° panoramas. Learn More


Kinoma Guide is a constantly updated, always fresh guide to the best mobile-ready content on the web. You’ll always have on-demand access to thousands of podcasts, music, audiobooks, streaming radio stations, and more. Best of all, no monthly subscription fees are required. Learn More

via WMExperts and Kinoma

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