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Kimona Play review by Mobility Today

image Kinoma Play has been getting a lot of coverage recently, mainly because it claims to provide one of the things that Windows Mobile sadly lacks, a decent interface to your media. Well Mobility Today have posted another review which is a great read complete some screen shots and a video of the software in action. As more people are starting to use this software we are beginning to see a few complaints on compatibility with various video formats and start up times due to indexing your media each time. Nothing that can’t be fixed in the future with updates I am sure. Part of the review is after the break.

From Mobility Today Review

image Believe it or not, my favorite aspect of Kinoma Play is not youtube videos, but the photo viewing ability. All of my photos are available as thumbnails, and they have already been scanned and indexed. Kinoma allows you to view your photos one at a time, or as a slide show with many transition options. What I particularly like is the zoom capability. You can tap the screen to zoom to 200%, or you can tap and hold to zoom to any level you want, and depending on the quality of the photo, you can really take advantage of this. You can also tap the center of the 5-way navigation button for zoom and rotate options. Kinoma has also built in send support, so it’s simple to email a photo right from Kinoma Play.

Probably the most popular feature of Kinoma is its youtube integration. Using Kinoma is the next best thing to actually logging onto youtube from your pc. It even has an option to log into your youtube account so that you can track your favorites or your own uploaded videos. You can even upload videos directly to your youtube account! You can search all of youtube, and if you have a 3G or EVDO connection, viewing is smooth.

Kinoma’s Media Guide gives you a direct connect to many popular streaming media sites including youtube, Google video, Flickr, Audible, Shoutcast, and Clearchannel radio stations. Once you have established permissions, you can upload photos directly to your Flickr account from Kinoma. But you are by no means limited to these sites. The guide is feature rich, and includes almost all the major networks. Also included are many of our favorite podcasts including TheCellPhoneJunkie, msmobiles, and WMExperts. Evidently the next order of business is to request they include Mobility Today! Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded for later listening – the best of all possible worlds.

Via Mobility Today and Kinoma Play

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