By February 1, 2008

JCB Toughphone

Ok, perhaps this isn’t something that I would normally post about but I thought that the new JCB Toughphone was worth a mention and here’s why.

If you look after the mobile phone account for a business, as I do, I’m sure there will be a few people in the organisation that for some reason just cant look after their phones and seem to break them every other week. Or have you been asked by someone to “get Bob a phone that’s robust cos he’s working on a building site so it needs to last”.

If the above rings any bells with you then perhaps the new JCB Toughphone is the answer.

JCB Toughphone

JCB Toughphone

The specification may seem a little basic, especially when compared to some of the phones we review on t&m but the JCB Toughphone is an incredibly rugged mobile phone which has been designed to work in the most challenging of environments. The Toughphone has been awarded the IP53 rating that makes it one to reckon with – being shock, dust, water and drop resistant as well as operational from -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C. In addition , the no quibble 3-year warranty, scratch resistant screen and high powered speakers combine to make this the most durable phone ever created.

The JCB TOUGHPHONE is built for anyone who requires equipment they can depend on, ideal for construction workers, lorry drivers, farmers and foremen. Equally, the JCB TOUGHPHONE is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle who requires a mobile phone that can take a few knocks.

So next time I’m asked to provide someone with a ‘builders phone’ we may well be taking a look at the JCB Toughphone!

The JCB Toughphone is available now from eXpansys.

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