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JAVOedge PSP screen protector review

I recently started to use my Sony PSP again and one thing that really bothered me was that the screen is so shiny and prone to finger prints and scratches. I needed a screen protector!

I first tried one of the cheap ones that some of the high street retailers are selling at the moment. I picked up one for £7 from a store round the corner and sat the PSP on the desk and gave the screen a good clean. I peeled the screen guard from its backing and tried to apply it, I ended up with bubbles everywhere. I’ve fitted screen protectors to a number of PDA devices before and never had this much trouble! After messing with it for a few minutes I decided it would be better to remove it and start again. Big mistake! It ended up stuck to itself. The adhesive was too strong to sort it out. I had to throw it away. The further annoyance was that it had left a residue on the screen which was a pig to get rid of!

I then remembered that my old friends JAVOedge sold screen protectors for Palm, Smartphone and PocketPC’s. I decided to see if they did anything for the PSP. Sure enough JAVOEdge were making products for the PSP so I got myself an antiglare JAVOScreen as well as one of the new Ultra Clear JAVOScreen protectors as I couldn’t make up my mind!


Delivery was very quick and as with other JAVOedge products that I’ve had before, everything you need is in the pack. You get a screen cleaning cloth which is made of a really soft material and a card to help apply the protector, plus obviously the screen itself.

The first thing you need to do is give the screen a good clean, make sure you get rid of all the finger prints and dust, otherwise you will end up trapping this under the screen protector.

JAVOedge PSP Screen Protector

Next you peel the backing off the film and apply it to the screen. The thing I particularly liked about this screen protector is that not only does it cover the LCD area but also the area the areas around the D-pad and the buttons. The size is perfect which helps you get the thing in the right place and it’s very easy to remove or reposition if you get it wrong.

Mine went on perfect first time, no bubbles and perfectly straight.

One of the JAVOScreen’s has an anti-glare surface which makes a huge difference to the screen visibility, especially when you are using it outside on a bright day or, as I do, sitting on the train.

I was pleased with the anti-glare JAVOScreen so gave the Ultra Clear JAVOScreen to my a friend. He was able to apply the film easily too.

I personally prefer the anti-glare to the Ultra Clear but this is down to personal preference.

This screen protector differs from others on the market in that it does not use an adhesive to fix it to the screen but rather a static coating. This means that you can remove the protector and put it on another device (If you get it replaced for example) or you can take it off and actually wash it! Also it wont leave any nasty residue on your screen if you do decide to take it off.

If you want to get a good quality screen protector to protect your PSP investment then look no further than JAVOScreen!

You can find the full PSP Product list on the JAVOedge website.


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