By March 28, 2007

Javoedge AlloyVision iPod case review

Big thanks to Chris for this JAVOedge AlloyVision review.


Having only recently purchased a 2nd generation iPod Nano I was anxious to keep it fit and healthy. The JAVOedge case is very easy to fit; all you have to do is slide the iPod in. I was initially skeptical that the iPod might fall out, but after extensive shaking I am happy to say that it stays put. There is a strip of non-stick material along the inside of the case to ensure this. There are cut-outs for the headphones, charger cable and hold switch. The jog wheel is exposed through a cutout. Most importantly, the case protects the screen, something that is missing from many hard cases. The case comes with a carry strap long enough to go around the neck (very good for the gym).


Key Features

  • Very easy to fit
  • Does not add much to the size of the iPod
  • Provides the same protection as armor metal cases
  • Lightweight
  • Looks good
  • Screen is well protected
  • Available in five colours
  • Overall: I was very impressed and feel confident that should I drop or bump my iPod it would be well protected.

    You can buy the AlloyVision case from

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