By November 9, 2010

James and Matt appear on the convertcast


Recently Matt and I were lucky enough to be asked onto another podcast, this one with our friends Alli Flowers and Jerry Gold from over there in the USA.

If you have not heard the convertcast before you really should check it out. Alli and Jerry are great people and extremely knowledgeable about most things tech. Alli’s site is where the convertcast is hosted but you can also find it on iTunes.

This week we talked about the following subjects:

  • The old Mac vs. PC debate. Jerry’s not the only one who’s been drinking deeply from the Kool-Aid
  • Blackberries, Blackberries, Blackberries
  • Where is RIM going?
  • Flash.Skyfire anyone?
  • Dead Folders Society – what’s in your folder?
  • Windows Phone 7 – where will the WP7 users come from, who will be the big loser?

Why not head on over and have a listed? You may well want to subscribe. It’s quite good you know!


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Five year veteran of the site. BlackBerry specialist, but experienced in most operating systems. Enjoys flower arranging and cross stitch.
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