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Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth headset – review


I get kind of excited when it comes to reviewing new Bluetooth headsets. I spend a lot of time in my car and having a device which provides near perfect quality and is comfortable to use is paramount. Unfortunately I have not found too many on the market that match my criteria.

From my recent experience the Jabra SUPREME may just be that perfect device I was looking for.

Read on to find out why I have fallen in love with it.


Product features

  • Active Noise Cancellation technology removes ambient noise for the user wearing the headset
  • Noise Blackout 3.0 dual microphone technology
  • HD Voice* technology for superior sound quality
  • Voice Control and Voice Guidance for hands-free operation
  • Multiuse – Connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Streams media with A2DP.
  • Interchangeable soft ear cushions for all-day comfort


Out of the box you are greeted with a smooth circular Jabra case. I initially thought how could a headset with a boom mic fit in there. Opening it up revealed all as the boom mic folds shut. This serves two purposes. The first is clearly that it makes the device small enough to fit into a pocket when not in use. The second purpose is superb. The Jabra SUPREME doesn’t have an on/off button. Simply opening the boom mic will turn it on and closing it turns it off. The device even speaks to you and tells you ‘power on’ and ‘power off’.




I will admit that in the past I have owned a couple of Bluetooth headsets with a boom mic and they were pretty massive. The Jabra SUPREME is not much bigger than my index finger which means you don’t look daft wearing it. Out of the box the over the ear hook is designed for wearing on the right ear however a left version is also supplied. The cushion that covers the 22mm speaker is extremely comfortable and you also get a spare one of these which has a slightly different design so which you use depends on what feels best for you.




In terms of hardware buttons on the SUPREME there are a few which you can see below. A & C re volume up/down. B is the MicroUSB port which is covered with a plastic door. D is the call end/answer button. E are LED’s to let you know when the device is charged or needs charging. The clever one is G. Pressing this gives voice control and voice guidance meaning you are able to make calls without touching your Smartphone. There are a few options here but the one I love is just saying the word ‘battery’. The device will then tell you how many hours and minutes of talk time you have left before a charge is required. Clever.



The main issue though is how does it perform. The answer is simple: Wonderfully. With the HD voice technology the audio quality is fantastic. The noise cancellation works as well as any other headset I have used, if not better. And comfort wise it is a dream to wear. While testing the device I have been wearing it around the house for hours at a time and it feels so good you don’t even realise it is there.

Jabra SUPREME is the first Bluetooth® mono headset to allow you to enjoy exceptional Active Noise Cancellation technology. This feature actively reduces background noise, enhancing your listening experience during a call when using the headset. Jabra SUPREME features the latest audio enhancement technology, delivering powerful sound through its 24mm speaker. With HD Voice* the  sound  come through clearly and naturally. Wind Noise reduction technology makes calling in windy weather conditions smooth and hassle-free. These brilliant sound features enrich every conversation.





The Jabra SUPREME is without doubt the best Bluetooth headset I have ever used. It performs like a dream, has some great features and if you ask me it looks good too. If you are looking for a new in car Bluetooth solution then this has to be the one to go for. It is currently priced at £66.04 on Amazon UK so it is not the cheapest Bluetooth headset but it is superb value for money. You will have to trust me on this one.


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