By November 11, 2008

Iris Browser for Windows Mobile – Beta 2 released

image The second beta release of Iris Browser for Windows Mobile is now available. This browser from Torch Mobile company has ported open-source “webkit” rendering engine (the same as the one used in Safari and Google Chrome) to Windows Mobile and now they are offering their second beta, available for download right now. They state that it represents their best browser to date.  It contains over 100 fixes and improvements since the last beta release, and is incredibly fast and stable.

The focus of this release was entirely on:

  1. image Performance
  2. Smaller footprint – we’re 10% smaller than beta 1!
  3. User interaction improvement
  4. Stability
  5. Page rendering improvement

From first launch, beta 2 may look very much like beta 1, but that’s really the end of the similarity.  Surfing your favorite pages will feel much more responsive, and the dreaded “memory pressure” warnings are very hard to find on devices with 128MB of memory.  Even devices with less memory are capable of browsing much larger pages now, and our use of memory on these pages is reduced in almost every case.Give it a try and let us know how you like it.  We’re happy with it, and we’re sure you will be to!

via msmobiles and Torch

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