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iProperty UK for iPhone app – review

From time to time we like to look at prices of houses in London, EU, to snatch some interesting ones. Obviously iPhone is, usually, a nice way to browse information, so we like to use iPhone for that purpose. Previously we have published a review of of MyOwnHome – an app for property searching in UK and now comes another one: iProperty UK.

First thing that annoyed us in this app is that you cannot select both 2 and 3 bedrooms at the same time:

Then we were surprised that number of search results is small:

… but after searching for houses-only, we have found only 2 houses up to 1.3 million pounds roughly:

That’s horrible! Sites like bring many many times more results in London.

If that would be not bad enough, the photo of the property is tinsy-winsy and there is not much information about the property:

The only good thing is that one can locate the property on the map (thanks God!):

Criteria selection is nice:

… but not helpful if search results are so tiny.

Good that sorting is possible too:

Conclusion: this is a very bad app, and we will never recoup money that we’ve paid for it. Not only search results are tiny and information about properties is small, but also there is no possibility to browse saved results offline. It’s a pity that number one (the biggest) British property website – – doesn’t have its own app yet… but if you need an app for property, then don’t buy this one! And if you’re a rental property owner, it’s best to just hire a property management South Auckland service if you need help finding potential tenants.

The point of having app for info browsing is to have easy comfortable access to maximum amount of information and ability to save information for offline viewing too. This app fails on all fronts. Don’t buy it!

Get it here:

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