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iPodcaStudio – podcast studio for iPhone – released

There are many audio recorders for iPhone but this app, released merely 3 days ago, is very podcast-creation focused with waveform editing and easy uploading to podcast hosting services. Here is how it looks like:


Description from the developer:

iPodcaStudio is a great all-in-one choice for podcasters or casual
users. Record, edit and upload simple audio notes, meetings, events,
lectures, dictation, sermons, and podcasts from anywhere at any time.


– Record Audio with internal or external mic.
– Pause, resume, oradd to any recording.
– Helpful, plain text, status messages keep youinformed at all times.
– Title recording at any time, even whilerecording.
– Recorded files play in iTunes, Quicktime, and even abrowser.
– Uncompressed, iTunes friendly, AIFF format – 44.1 kHz, Mono.
– Compressed, iTunes friendly, AIFC format – 4:1 compression, 44.1 kHz, Mono.
– Interface rotates 180 degrees for better hand-held recording.


– Intuitive and familiar playback controls.
– Drag to any point during playback.
– Displays elapsed time and time remaining during playback.
– Playback at 1X, 2X, or one-half speed.
– Jump back 15 seconds instantly during playback.


– Edit visually in landscape mode with full waveform.
– Easily delete sections anywhere in the recording.
– Pinch or spread waveform to zoom out or in.
– Time scale adjusts as you zoom in and out.
– Drag zoomed waveform left/right to visually pan through recording.
– Double tap and drag handles to select any area for deletion.
– Mark locations for possible edits.
– Shake to erase markers.
– Undo any edits not yet saved.


– WiFi transfer to Mac or PC.
– Upload recordings via FTP.
– Email short recordings (5 MB or less).
– Email link to any size file you have uploaded via FTP.
– Fully configurable FTP settings.

Conclusion: it’s a great little app but it is not supporting MP3 recording so it is too expensive. If support for MP3 recording would be added, the price would be fair. Developer claims that to support MP3 recording one has to pay high yearly fees, but lack of MP3 means practically that upload feature is useless as you have to use intermediary computer to convert to MP3. It is a pity that iPhone OS does not support MP3 encoding so that developers wouldn’t have to pay license fees for implementing it themselves, but this is the situation, so probably we will not see good (i.e. with MP3 encoding) podcast studio for iPhone any time soon…

Get it here (price: $4.99):

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