By August 24, 2007

iPhone style keyboard for Windows Mobile

I’m surprised its taken this long really, but an iPhone style keyboard has been developed for Windows Mobile.

This could be a really major improvement to our favourite devices really. Every feature you’d perhaps want, is already included, and best of all its currently free! Here is the speil from the offical website:

First of all, it offers a visible feedback of the key currently pressed, you can imagine that your finger is on the keyboard… and now you can easily see what key is pressed.

Second important thing: you can move your finger, the key will change, release it, the key will be triggered (so it’s the opposite of a physical keyboard: the actual action is when you release the key, not when you push it).

The third reason that it works is smart suggestion based on key position. If you look at the screenshot you can see that I typed “leyblaed”. This word doesn’t exist in english. The keyboard then looked at all the possible variation from this word… and found “keyboard”. That’s exactly the word I wanted to type.

How does the keyboard do? it simply uses the letter position: ‘l’ is near ‘k’, ‘eyb’ are correct, ‘l’ is also near ‘o’, the ‘a’ is correct, then ‘e’ is near ‘r’ and ‘d’ is correct. The only possible matching word is “keyboard”.

You can download this ingenious – and FREE – input addon HERE

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