By May 19, 2009

iPhone Push notification tests underway


Finally, here is the first sign that Apple is really serious about rolling out Push Notifications in iPhone OS 3.0. Registered iPhone developers are now being treated to a first hands-on experience with the insanely delayed service for the iPhone 3G via an Associated Press app. They were instructed to report any problems in receiving any notifications in the app within 48 hours so that Apple will be aware of the kinks in their system and can make the necessary adjustments. Of course, this was already announced before, but due to the prolonged delay, you can’t blame us for our continued scepticism. With Push Notifications finally going public albeit being limited to developers only, we can more or less check this item off of our list of iPhone features that have an uncertain future. Next thing we’re hoping to get more info on is whether the iMovie app is real or not.

[PMP Today via engadget]

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