By July 21, 2009

iPhone Fast & Furious app features Blu-ray integration


07-20-09universalipodIf you own an iPhone/iP od Touch and love the Fast & Furious movie, Universal is giving you a whole new reason to look forward to the upcoming Blu-ray special edition of their movie. Their planning to come out with a Fast & Furious app that will let viewers control 360-degree models of cars in a Virtual Car Garage using their iPhone, but that’s not the end of it. They’ve also got movie control, ancillary video content download, and even playback of annotations on your iPhone lined up for later release to complement new Blu-ray releases to provide a truly drool-worthy digital movie experience. We’re not sure though when they plan to roll these apps out, but it’s nice to know that they’ve included some of the more successful technological wonders of today such as the iPhonein their plans. Will Palm Pre and Android users also get the same treats down the road? One can only hope.

[appleinsider via pmptoday]

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