By January 20, 2009

iPhone Copy and Paste app for jailbroken iPhones

copy-paste-clippy Clippy is a new native app (not a web app) that allows you to copy paste between the stock iPhone applications like Mail, Safari, Notes, etc. While it doesn’t work with some AppStore apps (it does however work in twitterverse & ireal) andyou can only copy paste when you are editing text it is a good step in the right direction. Unfortunately you must have have the keyboard up to be able to copy/paste. This means if you want to copy from an email you received into a text message you first have to hit reply to the email so you get a text editor so you can copy.

You also can no longer drag the cursor between words/letters in text because now it just highlights for copy. Clippy also doesn’t seem to be working for many third-party apps yet — hit-n-miss for which apps it will work with.
Even though Clippy needs to be developed further to be more feature-rich and better integrated it does something that nothing else has (not counting web apps) so far by allowing you to copy paste between Apple applications on the iPhone. This is the closest anyone has come with the most potential to be improved into a viable copy/paste solution.

Great work so far by app dev Ryan Petrich! We look forward to improvements in the future!
Clippy is available via Cydia. Just refresh and search for “clippy.”


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