By August 27, 2009

Tomorrow is i-day in China: iPhone comes to China!

It is yet not 100% confirmed but it may be that tomorrow, during media conference of China Unicom carrier it will be announced!

China is a huge country with 1300 million people (for comparison’s sake: USA has 300 million people and whole EU has 500 million people)…

… and China Unicom, while not the biggest carrier in China, already now has 170 million subscribers. Considering that having exclusivity on iPhone might be helpful, this number might increase but still it would be difficult to achieve 500 million subscribers that China Mobile – the biggest carrier in China – has.

It is worth mentioning that China is a communist country and there is no *really* free market there: China Unicom and China Mobile form duopoly (like monopoly but with 2 players in it). However iPhone itself is made in China on behalf of Apple, so psychological barrier to purchase iPhone will be smaller.

Furthermore each iPhone supports Chinese language already – if you go to settings you can switch on international keyboards and Chinese is available.

It is fascinating to observe iPhone entering huge market of China. If indeed iPhone will launch tomorrow as it is rumored these days, stay tuned for our coverage here!

After all it is possible that within 1 year there will be more iPhone users in China alone than in the rest of the world…

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