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iPhone 4 summary

dev Matt posted a little snippet of news about iPhone 4.0 OS earlier, basically the biggest news being that it shall now and finally support multitasking without having to resort to being jailbroken!

There are 100 new or enhanced features in the updated OS, not surprisingly not all 100 were listed during the press conference but there were 7 key features or ‘tentpole features’ as they were called.

  1. Multitasking
  2. Folder
  3. Enhanced Email
  4. iBooks for iPhone
  5. Enterprise
  6. Game center
  7. iADs


So what are these features all about?


Multitasking probably needs no introduction, it’s what iPhone owners have been crying out for since the outset. The implementation looks good though.

Double click the home button and a window raises that shows me all the apps that are running. You can jump into the iTunes store out of the app while music plays… so you can buy music. Now when you’re on Skype, you can switch to another app, and you get a double-high status bar.



Folder: Now rather than just organising your installed apps in different pages on the iPhone you’ll have the ability to create folders to group things so for example: I want to make a folder with games in it. I have several games, so I just push my finger on an app, they start to jiggle. and I just drag one app on top of another and it instantly makes a folder.

folders 3


Enhanced Email: The answer to Matt’s prayers, multiple Exchange email support! Unified inbox with all you mail, regardless of the source, shown in one place. "Now if you want to focus on one account, we’ve added fast inbox switching. In addition we’ve added the option to organize by thread."



iBooks for iPhone: Little explanation required here but after iBooks debut on the iPad it seems logical to include on the iPhone!



Enterprise: Making improvements to the iPhone to make it more viable as an enterprise device.

"Here’s some great features for enterprise. We have some really nice features here. Starting with even better data protection." Better data protection, mobile device management, wireless app distribution. Support for multiple Exchange accounts, Exchange Server 2010, and new VPN options.



Game center: “We want to make gaming even better on the iPhone — so we added a social gaming network.” “We have 50,000 games. Let’s compare that to the competition… the PSP and DS… we blow them out of the water”.

game centre


iADs: It may sound like some sexually transmitted disease but it’s Apples new Mobile Advertising network. Simple structure and 60/40 split. "We have a lot of free or reasonably priced apps… we like that, but our devs have to find ways to make money. So our devs are putting ads into apps, and for lack of a better way to say it, we think most of this kind of advertising sucks."

iAd 3


The new OS will be available to iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Gen owners from the summer with iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2nd Gen closely behind although no multitasking on those devices. 4.0 will be on iPad from Fall 2010 – a long wait! 🙁


I’ll be back later with some more on these new and some other features.


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