By June 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS dropped in the pool. Still works!


We’ve heard about the awesome treats loaded on the iPhone 3GS and its new fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coated body, but did you know that it also possesses some amphibious traits as well? This short video demonstrates how an iPhone 3GS managed to stay alive even after taking a brief dip into the swimming pool. We’re not exactly sure if there are any long term effects to this heart-stopping and jaw-dropping accident, but I guess there weren’t any immediate problems as they still got the chance to upload the video of this amazing yet horrific tale. Granted that this news of the iPhone 3GS being slightly water-proof is certainly good to hear, we wouldn’t suggest you go out and try this one out for yourself. Just enjoy the video and be thankful you’re not the clumsy dude who dropped his new iPhone 3G S into the pool.

[PMPtoday via engadget]

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