By June 9, 2008

iPhone 3G UK Sales Strategy

image I can see a definite change in the way the iPhone 3G will come to market in the UK. The 3G iPhone seems to be only available from O2 or The Carphone Warehouse according to Apples UK Online Store, there is no mention that you can buy it from Apple, compare this with how it is shown in the US Apple Store and you can see the difference.

Obviously taking into account the fact that 02 will subsidise the handset its going to be difficult to buy the iPhone 3G without committing to a long term contract up front in the store.

image image

UK Apple Store                 US Apple Store

So if you want an iPhone to unlock and use on your existing non O2 contract it’s going to work out very expensive as I don’t think your going to be able to buy it without signing at least an 18 month contract with O2 in the store, unless the low price of the phone takes into account some sort of rebate after activating with 02 via iTunes.

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