By July 12, 2008

iPhone 3G first impressions

image I have now had the iPhone 3G for 24 hours and thought it would be a good idea to post some impressions so far. The buying experience is now over and hopefully will not be repeated but since then its all been pretty good. Unlike in the US we did not have to activate the iPhone 3G instore, all that was needed was a signature on a new or upgrade contract and a credit check. The credit check took the longest as O2’s credit check service failed before 9am but luckily as I got mine from the The Carphone Warehouse they had a back up plan so all was good. After the break more first thoughts.

iphone email I got the iPhone 3G home, unboxed it and connected it to iTunes, I had already upgraded it to version 7.7 a day before which you have to have to activate it. Once plugged in I had to input my iTunes account details and that was it, fully activated and ready to go. Synching with iTunes was as simple as it always was and all my stuff was on the phone in a few minutes. For mail I use Exchange 2007 for work and Gmail for personal use, so I set up my work email to work with exchange and direct push for contacts, calendar and email, I use 4smarthphone for this and they have an FAQ explaining what details you need to input to get it all set up. A few minutes later and all my agenda data, contacts and email details were sent to the phone over the air. Direct push works perfectly, amend or input anything in outlook on your computer and it instantly appears on your device very very good feature which I have been used too with Windows Mobile.

Gmail set up was a breeze too, nothing new to report on that.

Using the App Store for the first time is just like buying music, you select your app, download it in iTunes and synch your device and it appears on your home screen, couldn’t be any simpler. The Apps that I have installed work very well and I even installed a few over wifi directly onto the iPhone and again it was a seamless operation.

The iPhone 3G is very similar to the first generation but one of the most noticeable things for me is the external speakers, previously when listening to Youtube videos or music the sound was too quiet and not the best quality, now the sound is much louder and punchy which is great news.

The only negative I have found so far is the battery, It was at 80% charge last night when I went to bed, this morning I looked at the phone and it was switched off, I switched it back on and the battery was totally flat, charging it again now I am going to be keeping a very close eye on this as it doesn’t seem right to me.

I will be posting more stuff very soon and I will be testing the operation of the iPhone 3G in my car Dension Gateway 100 and will report on how it works out.

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