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iPhone 3G back up battery

image For many people the battery life of the iPhone 3G is causing great concern when used with 3G, locate me services, wifi and bluetooth all switched on, sure we can manage the power manually by switching them off when we don’t need them but that can be a pain. I have just been given some information on a company working on a back up battery for the iPhone 3G that some might find interesting. It is touted for availability at the start of August and I am hoping to get one of these in for a detailed review. Full details after the break.

Introducing the all-new iPhoneck Backup Battery for iPhone 3G, a uniquely designed and rechargeable battery. Our previous BBONE Backup Battery for iPhone was only 850 mAh, however our new Backup Battery for iPhone 3G holds an amazing 1400 mAh battery cell allowing to recharge your iPhone 3G full in no time.


Save the Hassle and cut the cords!
Ever used backup battery systems that required cables or cords? If yes, you must know how troublesome and hassle it is to upkeep tangled or misplaced cables. With our backup battery, you simply clip it on to continue use your iPhone.

Convenient and Innovative Case
We designed and developed our case so that when you clip it on, it will appear as if your iPhone itself has extended in size. Why choose a backup battery that will only make you lose its design or style? Plus, by integrating the case and rechargeable battery in one convenient package, you have added safety for your iPhone.

Extremely Brilliant Power Management System
Use your iPhone dock, iPhone USB cable or any other iPod USB cable or connector to charge the backup battery. Either connected or not to your iPhone simultaneously. We developed technology to instruct the iPhone to always drain out the backup battery first. When you’re done with backup battery, simply detach it, and you will still have a fully charged iPhone.

Powerful and Safe Battery Cell
The backup battery uses an advanced rechargeable Lithium-Ion cell with added technology and components that avoids from over charging, or malfunctioning even under the most extreme conditions. The battery cell is highly condensed and has a a protection technology board for added safety. Added components were built in to prevent the backup battery from shorting.

LED Battery Status Indicator
The integrated LED on the backup battery has three functions. The bright blue LED color will show to you the backup battery is charging while the soft light blue LED color will display only when the backup battery is completely charged. The other LED color being red will only display when the internal battery is low or almost our of juice.

full details at iPhoneck

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