By February 6, 2009

iPhone 2.1 Could be a Nano


A real hardware change may come this year for the Apple iPhone. PinchMedia was the first one to have seen the new iPhone and since then there have been some very intriguing evidence of its existence, though no one can say for sure if it’s an iPhone Nano or not an iPhone Nano and we don’t know.

There’s also this:

To this end, the hardest supporting evidence to date has come from Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller, who in a post Macworld 2009 interview last month outlined the Cupertino-based company’s general product cycles, which he said include an iPhone cycle in June. — AppleInsider

Anyway, given the lack of any concrete physical description of this new Apple mobile phone, we can conclude that the new iPhone despite the physical overhaul may not look too different from the current one.

[PMP today via photo source]

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