By May 24, 2010

iPad ‘sold out almost everywhere’

ipadpress If you’ve been following the progress of the Apple iPad in the USA then chances are you’ll already know that not only has it been hugely popular but so popular that, according to a recent survey, it’s sold out in almost three-quarters of all Apple stores in the US.

74% had none available, and 26% had some Wi-Fi models, but no stores had the 3G iPad in stock for immediate purchase. – Gene Munster, analyst.

Whilst I cant claim to have a sample size that’s anything like as large as Munster’s it does ring true with my own experience of trying to purchase an iPad whilst in Florida recently. Having visited the Apple store the day before the 3G model became available I was told that the WiFi version was sold out and that I would have to reserve one for store pick up if I wanted one. I decided to take my chances and try queuing for the 3G on launch day.

I did get lucky with the 3G and managed to buy the last one in the store and walked out a happy man with me 64GB model. Over the course of the next 8 days I tried several other stores to try and get another for a friend but everywhere was out of stock!

It’s going to be interesting to see if the iPad is met with the same demand when they go on sale here in the UK this coming Friday (28th May). Judging by the number of people willing to import them from the US I suspect that demand here will be just the same!


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