By May 28, 2010

iPad on sale in UK today!

Apple iPad So how many of you are planning to go and queue at your local Apple store today in a bid to get your hands on the much coveted iPad? Anyone reading this waiting in line?

Tracy, James and I have had our iPad’s for about a month or so now and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we love them. I rarely use my Macbook when I am out and about now, the iPad can do much of what I would otherwise use a laptop for, in fact I’m sitting on the sofa right now writing this post from the iPad and my recent HTC Smart review was written entirely on the iPad! And emails from James and Tracy almost always bare the phrase ‘Sent from my iPad’ in the footer.

If you care to share your insights in to the stock levels at local stores etc. then please comment over on the forum.

To those of you that have already been lucky enough to pick up your iPad; are you delighted with your purchase? Which model did you opt for and what apps did you buy already?

We’ll have more accessories and app reviews on site soon too. My must-have at the moment is the camera connection kit. I love being able to look at my just-taken photos on the large screen.

Enjoy playing with your new toys over the long weekend! 🙂


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