By September 30, 2010

iPad gets Tethering in iOS 4 and infiltrated by Google

ipadtethering Although an iPad is more likely to be a tethered device not the device to tether to, Apple have seen fit for the ever-so-useful function to be added to its forthcoming (and long overdue) update for the company’s successful tablet device.  Running in much the same way as the tether on previous iOS devices that offer the function – hidden in the settings – it’s a boon for those with the 3G iPad as their main internet device.  This may sound unlikely but with the iPad no doubt finding its way into student halls up and down the country this autumn, it provides an excellent way of getting devices like the Nintendo DS connected to the cloud, sharing the iPad’s data connection.  Of course this is all subject to the iPad’s airtime provider allowing this in the terms and conditions so don’t go crazy just yet or you may get slapped with a bigger bill than you anticipated.

In other magical and revolutionary device news, an enterprising hacker named Hexxeh has claimed to have injected the iPad with a Google poison.  Sadly not Android but the next best thing – Chome OS.  He’s published a video to dispel the faker comments but beyond this hasn’t given any clue how it’s done.  Speaking personally I’d welcome the chance to break out from the iOS prison and try a few different things out on the undoubtedly excellent Apple hardware, maybe even teach it a new trick or two (but maybe pass on Windows 95)

Tether picture courtesy 9to5mac


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