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iPad cases from mobilefun

6Our friends over at mobilefun were kind enough to send us a couple of iPad cases this week to give a test drive. One being a kind of skin type case and the other being a more traditional fold over one similar to what I have had in years past for pocket PCs.

Which type of case you use with your iPad really comes down to personal preference. I would however suggest you have one. Scratching the iPad will result in tears I think!

The FlexiShield Skin case, as you can see below only offers protection to the outer edges and the rear of the iPad. Before I used it I thought to myself that I did not see the point of it but once the iPad was inside the skin I soon changed my mind.
The green colour case I was sent would not be my first choice of colour, or second, or third but the case does have some benefits apart from being able to change its appearance. Apart from the obvious benefit of offering protection the first thing I noticed was that it made the iPad feel a lot safer to hold. The naked iPad is rather sleek on its rear and although not slippery it’s brushed metal is very smooth. The FlexiShield skin case gives some extra grip which I felt offered some reassurance.

The only downside I can see is that if you use an iPad dock you will need to take the iPad out of the case.

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The iPad Flip case I have is totally different to the FlexiShield one. This one offers protection front an back for the iPad. Definatly a better option if you are taking your iPad out with you. As the case is leather (or smells like it anyway) it has a nice high quality feel to it. Within the flap/lid are some storage compartments. I am not sure I would want to stick my credit cards in there but you may like a gamble! The iPad Flip case does not have a stand up option which is a shame but for protection I give it a thumbs up.

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If you are looking for a case for your iPad head on over to mobilefun. They have a good selection of designs and colours at a reasonable price.

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