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Innergie PocketCell unboxing video

Innergie PocketCell There are numerous charging and external battery solutions available for mobile devices, from cases and backpacks with built in batteries to large external battery packs that you connect with a cable, each has it’s own merits.

I spend a lot of time away form the home and office where I don’t have access to mains power to charge a phone so I’ve had a large rechargeable external battery pack for quite some time. The only ‘problem’ with the one I have is that it’s not something you can put in your jacket pocket, it’s too big for that.

So, enter the Innergie PocketCell. The PocketCell is an extremely neat solution to the issue of running out of power. In simple terms it’s just a 3000MAh rechargeable battery that you can then use to recharge or boost the power of your mobile device, whether that be an iPhone, BlackBerry or other phone or an iPad or other tablet.

The PocketCell can supply 2.1A of charging power which is important for charging tablets as they draw far more power. With this battery pack you can extend the usage time of your iPhone by around 25 hours, iPad 4.5+ Hrs (Using time) and HTC/BlackBerry 15+ Hrs (Talk time). This is achieved in a neat little package weighing just 72g and measuring 90.9 x 29.8 x 21.1mm.

The other thing I like about the Innergie product is that it comes with a ‘Magic Cable Trio’. This is a cable around 8 inches long with a USB plug on one end and MiniUSB, MicroUSB and 30pin apple connector on the other. This combined cable can also be used to recharge the battery pack from a PC or Mac so you only need to carry one cable and the PocketCell itself.

The Innergie PocketCell is ideal for anyone not wishing to lug heavy external batteries or spoil the look of their phone with large jackets or covers. It’s small and light enough to go in your pocket or, ladies, in your handbag.

Check out the unboxing below for more.

Innergie PocketCell

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