By July 31, 2006

IE7 a ‘High Priority’ update?

Microsoft has decided to push Internet Explorer 7 out to your PC as ‘high priority’ via Windows Update.

Although IE 7 will be pushed out over Automatic Updates, people will be able to choose whether they want to install it or not, Schare said. Automatic Updates will first notify people when IE 7 is ready to install and then show a welcome screen that presents key features and the choices to install, not install or postpone installation.

Personally I will be saying ‘No thanks’ to the update. I’ve had a look at IE7 Beta and really didn’t like it. To me it was a really dumbed down version of IE. The only thing I did like about it was the ‘Tabbed Browser’ approach. However, a better alternative for tabbed browsing is Avant Browser


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