By September 25, 2008

IE6 for Windows Mobile screenshots

image Arne over at the Unwired has uncovered some screen shots of the promised Windows Mobile Internet Explorer update which is based on IE6 and will be knows as 6 on 6 which should have full in browser flash support. This update was originally promised to be part for the 6.1 update but it missed that deadline, now Windows Mobile 7 is running late at least we have this update to look forward to, hopefully before the end of the year.  Screen shots and more details after the break.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 provides two different compatibility options – Mobile and Desktop. In reality you can see the difference if you visit the::unwired which works with browser sniffing to serve the appropriate layout. On the left, the unwired in Mobile mode, on the right in Desktop mode and as you can see, the Desktop mode looks quite similar to the unwired on your PC.


image image

image image

via The Unwired

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