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iDcrm for iPhone released – Microsoft Dynamics CRM client

Who says that iPhone is no good for enterprise mobility? While it is true that Apple stores still are using handheld devices powered by Microsoft Windows, and while it is true that in many enterprises Windows-powered handhelds with integrated bar code scanners are widely used, with iPhone OS 3.0 which offers an interface to hardware accessories – this all might change. Furthermore purely software-based solutions or just apps, are also bringing enterprise mobility to iPhone.

iDcrm costs 200 bucks so it is not an app for everybody, but if your company is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Microsoft’s enterprise software for customer relationship management, then this app might come in handy. Here is how it looks like:

Info from developer:

iDcrm stands for iPhone Dynamics CRM.
This is the first full Microsoft Dynamics CRM client available for iPhone.

It’s simple and it works!

iDcrm is based on 6 basic principles :

– Replicate the Sales Environment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the iPhone
-What you have in MD CRM is what you get on the iPhone
-No IT Infrastructure investment required.
-No monthly fees
-100% Full iPhone application
-Work disconnected.

The main features are:
– Full replication of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM environnement, including fields, form structure, List values, Language
– Covering the main Sales Entities
– Respect of the Security structure: "You can only do what you have the right to do"
– Full replication of your data: your data in iDcrm is the same as your data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
– Full disconnected mode: you can work without Wifi or 3G access
– «Plug and Work»: Just download the App, synchronize and work!
– Access to other users’ agenda and opportunities

To set up iDcrm you need:
– An On-premise or Internet Facing Deployment Microsoft CRM 4 account
– Read rights on Entities, Relationships and Attributes
– A reliable Wifi connection for the initial synchronization.

Commentary: we are impressed with this app – particularly the "No IT Infrastructure investment required" bit that implies that no intermediary servers are needed. Also the ability to work in disconnected way – off-line – is absolutely amazing. Apart from app store, the developer offers it also for distribution in enterprises and generally this enterprise-class app might be worth the money. It is good to see that iPhone is getting stronger and stronger in enterprise mobility because knowing iPhone only as a platform for incredibly stupid soundboard-like applications one might mistakenly think that it is only a toy…

Get it here

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