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i-mate ULTIMATE 8150 unboxed

Last week we unboxed the i-mate ULTIMATE 6150 so this week I thought I would follow that up with our i-mate ULTIMATE 8150 unboxing video.

The i-mate ULTIMATE 8150 is very similar to the 6150, same size and design with the exception of the screen and keypad – the screen is a little smaller to accomodate the keypad.

I hape to have the review of the I-Mate ULTIMATE 8150 and the I-Mate ULTIMATE 6150 later in the week but for now here’s the video:

i-mate ULTIMATE 8150 unboxed

The i-mate Ultimate 8150 is a 640×480 touch screen device powered by Windows Mobile 6. Complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and XGA Video output support.

The bright, sharp focus 2.6″ VGA screen supports ClearType enabling its use in multiple locations and light conditions with ease. The i-mate Ultimate 8150 has a 520Mhz XScale processor with the Nvidia GeForce 5500 graphics accelerator ensuring a quick response and video playback, scrolling, document search and Internet browsing is fast.

The Nvidia GeForce 5500 graphics accelerator also enables the i-mate Ultimate 8150 to offer an expansion port. Using the included cable that provides a 15 pin D-SUB and audio out, the 640×480 display will be able to fill a 1024×786 pixel screen or Projector for mobile presentations using PowerPoint from your PDA. In this mode the screen turns off and allows the touch pad to control the pointer on the projector or monitor giving full access to all the i-mate Ultimate 8150s programs and functions.

i-mate ULTIMATE 8150 Specification:

  • Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100
  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Video Out: XGA (1024×768)
  • Xscale® PXA 270 520MHz
  • Nvidia GoForce 5500 graphics accelerator
  • 128MB RAM/256MB ROM
  • FM Radio
  • Built-in numeric phone keyboard, 18 keys
  • Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/e/i
  • 2.6inch VGA Touch-screen
  • 2.0 Megapixel digital camera/video with flash and auto focus and 4X digital zoom
  • Supports microSD expansion cards
  • 118.5mm(L) x 60.5mm(W) x 15.5mm(T)
  • You can see our full I-mate ULTIMATE review online HERE.

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